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The job market is ever-changing. The tools for managing careers and employees do not keep up .
Macademia developed a new set of tools that helps employees find the right place.

Finding the work you're meant to do.

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How can we help you?


Organizational workshops & Processes

Get the most out of your employees, increase engagement and organizational impact


  Workshops for programs

Provide your participants with the tools to focus on meaningful and

influential work


One on one 

Understand what your unique value is in the employment world, and what should you do to manifest it

Our clients

The changes in the employment world according to the vision of Macademia

From advancing on a linear professional axis 

to advancing on an increasingly centered spiral axis  



From predictable career paths

to dynamic, fluent and personal paths


Career path>



From a choice based on capabilities 

to a choice based on desires


 <Selecting employees


from sorting employees based on professional past experience,

to sorting based on overall life experience and the ability to create value

שיטה דף הבית חדש

The Macademia method

Flexible, multi-optional navigation, based on your occupational core.

Today, progress is not necessarily “upwards”, but “inwards”. we want to do more of the things we love to do.

Move towards our Workfully.

NPS Index

The NPS index is a customer loyalty index that indicates customer satisfaction. The index expresses the percentage of customers who are most likely to recommend a company, product, or service to another person. A score above 40 is considered excellent and indicates high satisfaction.



* The average NPS of leading companies in the global market for 2021 was 24.13

(from a study by Survicate)

Why Macademia?

Macademia does not provide concrete answers

but teaches how to examine each situation through a new perspective.

Macademia does not advise

but streamlines your decision-making process.

Macademia does not diagnose

but creates a personal toolbox. 


Want to move towards your Workfully?

We begin each process by jointly examining the value that can be produced, and whether the collaboration between us will be Impactful.

For more information concerning a personal process, you can schedule a time for a call now.

We would love to be in touch

Our personal process coordinators will be happy to talk to you, give you more details and jointly examine whether our process is right for you.

​An important detail when setting a date in the diary - it is advisable to have a conversation of 20 minutes in silence and without distractions.

Geart! We'll be in touch soon

let's talk
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